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Quickly get employees and cotractors from and place in the world

Going it alone often has unwanted consequences, such as unnecessary costs, risks or excessive time wasting. Our local entities and the knowledge we possess will allow you to reduce these to a minimum.


Attract the most desirable and talented job candidates by offering a wide range of competitive benefits

Build team belonging with our attractively priced country-specific benefits packages


Pay your employees based in different countries in the currency that applies locally

We stay updated on all changes to tax laws and regulations, so we can ensure that both you and your employees are operating in accordance with the latest findings.

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Uniqorm offers the highest quality of service

Gavin Pacheco

Thanks to Uniqorm, hiring new employees is quick and easy, and we can be certain that the entire process is carried out in accordance with local regulations. We have access to the best candidates available on the job market at the moment. Uniqorm significantly relieves us of all the formalities, so that we can devote the saved time to work on the development of the company.

Lexi Casey

The great advantage of working with Uniqorm is that we have access to a vast amount of resources, allowing our staff to include the most exceptional talents from around the world. It is a guarantee of a fast, trouble-free introduction of new employees to the workplace, taking care of the client at the highest level and functioning in accordance with all legal regulations.

Jake Hickman

Our company was keen to rapidly expand its operations in Mexico. However, this involved many complicated aspects and setting up a business in Mexico, managing benefits and payroll was more complicated than we expected. With the help of Uniqorm we were able to settle all the formalities very efficiently.

Why Uniqorm

The leader in global HR

A platform to meet expectations

Uniqorm automation combined with secure technology - the Saas interface with all the necessary functionality for you and your employees.

User experience

We care about the way you feel when using our platform - we are constantly working to make it as good as possible.

Transparency of fees

Fixed pricing, no extra fees, exclusivity agreements or unexpected billing costs.

Qualified specialists

We have the most outstanding experts at your service - controlling and improving all processes, wherever you are in the world.

Reliable infrastructure

Rest assured that we do not outsource our domestic operations to any third party, thus limiting any risk and offering you the highest quality of service.

Your IP is safe

We take special care to ensure that our invention rights and intellectual property protections are as solid as possible.
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With our Unigorm API you gain new possibilities

With our robust API, activities such as streamlining your team's process and creating new solutions for your most demanding customers will no longer be a problem. Besides, you can store all your payroll data and employee information in a single HR technology stack.

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